Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Patch Work; 3D Audio Support Added

Guerrilla Games have a new update for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Patch 1.12 adds one new feature in the form of 3D Audio support for the 3D headset, while it also makes gameplay adjustments including performance improvements in several areas of the game. It also fixes bugs that could lead to problems for players that would not be able to progress further.

The update also makes a number of general fixes, including one for an issue where players could exploit Hunting Ground trials for resources and clears out a problem where the sound of destructible trees was not playing as it should.

Guerrilla Games also reminded players that they can try reloading one of their saves if they encounter any issues. For issues that persist, Guerrilla recommends that you take screenshots of the location where the bug popped up and your location on the map, and then send to the studio.

Here is the full list of what the update brings:


  • Added 3D Audio support for 3D headsets.


  • Improved Pathfinding to Quest markers and custom waypoints when players are on a mount.
  • Improved performance in several areas in the game.
  • Several improvements to the lightmap.


Progression Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that some players might encounter in “The Point of the Spear” where players would be given an extra Carja Bow and Spear if Aloy died before talking to Rost.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Point of the Spear” which some players might encounter where the Sawtooth would no longer be present when players updated their game to Patch 1.10 during the ‘Kill the Sawtooth’ objective.
  • Fixed an issue in “Revenge of the Nora” where some players were able to bypass natural progression by entering the Metal Ring by jumping over the roots.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Sun Shall Fall” where finishing a weapon tutorial during the Glinthawk encounter and reloading would result in some players not being able to enter the gates and continue the quest.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Grave-Hoard” where completing a weapon tutorial during the Deathbringer encounter would prevent the Deathbringer from respawning when some players would reload the game.
  • Fixed an issue in “To Curse the Darkness” where certain players could climb the roots around the entrance of the cave and bypass natural progression of the quest.
  • Fixed an issue in “Deep Secrets of the Earth” where a few players were unable to enter the bunker after fast traveling during the animation of Aloy opening the vent.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Mountain That Fell” where some players were able to leave the boundaries of the world.
  • Fixed an issue in “Robbing the Rich” where certain players were not able to complete the quest when talking to Ravan.
  • Fixed an issue in “Fatal Inheritance” where Daradi would be missing after fast traveling away from the quest area, which resulted in some players not being able to complete the ‘Return to Daradi’ objective.
  • Fixed an issue in “A Moment’s Peace” where for some players the quest objective would be updated to “Return to Vilgund” after completing the quest, even though players did not meet Vilgund yet.
  • Fixed an issue in “Collateral” where a few players wouldn’t be able to complete the ‘Talk to Olin and Enasha’ objective because Enasha would not wait in the Farm.
  • Fixed an issue in “Cause for Concern” where completing Bandit Camps in a specific order would result in a few players not being able to interact with Nil to complete the quest.
  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron Xi where certain players were able to bypass natural progression of the quest by escaping the core chamber during the ‘Defend the Core’ objective.
  • Fixed an issue in the weapon tutorial for the War Bow, where using the Lodge War Bow would not tally towards any of the War Bow tutorials.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Patch 1.10 did not offer a retroactive solution for some players who encountered an issue with a Tallneck’s datapoint that did not unlock when they had fast-traveled away while on top of the Tallneck instead of rappelling down. Players who encountered this, should revisit the Tallneck again and leave the area to unlock the datapoint.
  • Fixed an issue where some players would have the issue of wielded Heavy Weapons getting stuck on Aloy’s arm when interacting with the elevator in Meridian.
  • Fixed an issue where for a few players the awareness icons and tags would become invisible when the game saves while a Watcher uses the FlashStun attack on Aloy.
  • Fixed an issue where some players would spawn in the mountains when fast-traveling to the center of Sunfall.
  • Fixed an issue where after completing “Revenge of the Nora”, Varl would have a wrong dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where a few players were able to call a mount during the fight with Helis in “The Face of Extinction”.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Forgotten” where the prompt to interact with Olara was visible when Olara was not at that location.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest marker for “Underequipped” would disappear from the map when leaving the starting area of the quest.
  • Fixed an issue in “Death from the Skies” where the ‘Kill the Stormbird’ objective would not have a quest marker.
  • Fixed an issue where overridden bridges in Cauldron Rho would not be visible when some players were standing at a certain distance.
  • Fixed an issue where a few players were able to exploit Hunting Ground trials for resources.
  • Fixed an issue where for some the sound of destructible trees was not playing.
  • Fixed an issue with Pathfinder enabled for a custom waypoint when standing on the bridge of the Two Teeth Bandit Camp.
  • Fixed an issue where the soundtrack would start over during the Credits.
  • Fixed an issue where on some occasions Aloy would not place a trap when players wanted to.
  • Fixed an issue where on some occasions Aloy would grab her spear instead of placing a trap.
  • Fixed various LOD issues.
  • Fixed various issues of players getting stuck in geometry.
  • Fixed various issues of players accessing areas outside of the play area.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in “The City of the Sun” where in some occasions the game would crash when Aloy and Erend arrive at Olin’s house.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when some players fast-travelled during one of Aloy’s animations in the bunker she fell into when she was a child.
  • Fixed various miscellaneous crashes.




Wildlands Overtakes Horizon Zero Dawn For Fastest Selling Game Of 2017

In all honesty, this comes as quite a shocker to me. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is now the fastest selling game of 2017 so far.

The only reason I’m surprised by this is because the last Tom Clancy game, The Division, was ridiculed so much after launch that I was shocked people were not more hesitant to purchase a new TC game. But to my surprise, Ghost Recon has had the biggest first week of any other game this year, and becomes the second fastest-selling Tom Clancy game ever, after The Division.

Not that Wildlands is a bad game, but considering some of the titles that have been released in the last few months it’s ironic that the one with the least rapturous critical reception should be the biggest seller. However, most of the big titles so far this year have been format exclusives while Wildlands is on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Horizon Zero Dawn only held the record of fastest-selling launch title for a single week, although it dropped only as far as number two in the all formats chart.The biggest new entry of the week was the console release of Lego Worlds, which unlike the normal Lego titles is more of a Minecraft style affair.

For once there are no major retail releases this week and that probably means Wildlands will keep its number one spot until the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda the week after.

Here Is Some Footage of Aloy Facing the Sawtooth in Horizon Zero Dawn.

We picked up Horizon Zero Dawn last night and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we became Aloy and put our skills taught by our mentor Rost to the test against the machines that rule the land now.

Here is Farmertom1223 facing the first big enemy called the Sawtooth, a giant robotic cat-like creature that is fast and relentless.

We finally have our YouTube page up so make sure to subscribe for new video coming soon! And make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well!

Preload for Horizon Zero Dawn Available Now

The next big PlayStation 4 exclusive comes out tomorrow but people who preordered digitally can preload Horizon Zero Dawn, the new action-RPG now.

The game unlocks tonight at 9 PM PT, which comes out to midnight Eastern. It’s not immediately clear when exactly the game will become available in other regions.

Earlier this month, Sony talked about how Horizon Zero Dawn has the potential to become a new franchise for the company. A report from SuperData said the game could sell as many as 6 million copies by the end of 2017 and up to 8 million for its lifetime, bringing it close to Uncharted 4. This would be a notable achievement since Horizon Zero Dawn is a brand-new franchise.

Guerrilla Games has announced everything that’s in Horizon Zero Dawn’s day one update.

We will be putting up the first 20 minutes of gameplay later tonight or early tomorrow morning so everyone can get a good look at the games graphics and show where the story could possibly go so stay tuned in for it!

Xbox Executive Praises Horizon: Zero Dawn, Other Releases

Xbox head Phil Spencer took to twitter to express his excitement for upcoming releases not just on Xbox, but for all consoles.

Spencer said that, “Good games shipping are positive for industry. Forza Horizon 3, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Civilization 6, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Overwatch etc all make gaming better, celebrate them.”

Spencer addressed a fan linked comments from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier about the Xbox One not being able to compete with the PS4 and how Scorpio needs to try something new.

“Strange comments. Xbox is having a good gen, our best yet. XB1S strong since launch. Can always improve but proud of where we are.”

Unsurprisingly, Spencer didn’t share any strategic thoughts on Project Scorpio. Also unsurprising given Spencer’s historic focus on games, he did acknowledge the importance of great exclusive software. “Gamers want good games,” he continued. “Proud of our first party this gen, can always do more. Xbox gamers demand a lot, we’ll work hard to deliver.”

Speaking of what the Xbox team will deliver going forward, Spencer just last week said he was “confident” in the lineup Microsoft was bringing to this year’s E3.