The Best Headshot Graphics In Gaming

One of the most satisfying feelings in all of gaming is getting a head shot kill on your enemy. Weather it be a no scope or waiting forever for someone on the other team to poke their head out from behind cover while you’re scoped in on a certain location, the sound and sight of someones head getting popped is just.. well it’s really satisfying.

I thought it would be fun to list some of the better head shot graphics I’ve witnessed in the mass amount of shooters I’ve played.

Halo (CE-Halo 5: Guardians)

You can’t talk about awesome headshots without talking about Halo. The sniper in Combat Evolved was fun but didn’t have the impact on a game like the Halo 2 sniper rifle. The weapon was so popular that Bungie eventually made a sniper only playlist (team snipers) that carried over to the other installments in the series as well. The rag doll effect when someone get’s killed by a headshot has caused characters to do back flips and land in hilarious positions that you’ll remember as years pass.

Gears Of War (1-4)

This is my personal favorite on the list. I’ve been playing GoW and watching the heads of the Locust horde and Coalition Of Gears soldiers fly off their shoulders since the beginning of the franchise. In the beginning, you would only get a headshot with a longshot sniper rifle, but as more installments came out, you could use a shotty, pistol and even certain assult rifles to pop some domes. There are a ton of videos of players showing off and getting some sick headshots  everywhere online.

Mass Effect 3

I don’t think this game gets the credit it deserves for how brutal the headshots in this game are. The first two ME games didn’t have heads rolling like this. Similar to a gears of war headshot, you can clearly see the head fly right off after getting blasted with a sniper rifle. Although not as graphic as a Gears headshot, this come pretty close to it.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 has had a reputation for executing some gnarly shots especially with the help of its V.A.T.S. system. In this video here, instead of taking on the enemy from far off – as snipers ideally should – this player walks right up to the ugly brute, uses the V.A.T.S. system and decapitates the enemy in the most exquisite manner. Dismemberment follows suite.

Sniper Elite Series

We’re hoping with a title like that, the Sniper Elite series would have some gruesome dome shots in the game. Every shot that sends you reeling into squeals of glee as the bullet moves in slo-mo ought to be the best shots of all times. But some sniper shots truly portray the brutal and bloody beauty of the game. In this video for instance, the headshots are perfect, and there are only few things more gratifying than having somoene’s both eyeballs burst with a squelch and groan.

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Gears OF War 4 Brings Back Familiar Faces, Places In Series 2 Update

This afternoon, The fine people at The Coalition will be releasing the Series 2 cards with some familiar faces and two classic fan favorite multiplayer maps and of course, new weapon skins along with updates to the community features that you’ve all asked for to help boost your online experience for Gears Of War 4.

This will be the biggest addition to the game since it’s release in September with 280 new cards to collect. There’s new weapon skins, 13 new playable characters including Armored Anya and Armored Sam, that show the deadly divas in their prime, dressed in the Gears 3 armor. Zombie Minh makes his debut sporting the giant hole from General RAAM’s sword right in his chest and according to The Coalition, there is a surprise Legacy character coming soon that can only be acquired through collecting scrap. Could it finally be the return of RAAM or Skorge!? Let’s hope so.

260 of the 280 new cards will be weapon skins across 13 full weapon skin sets. The animated lightning skin looks to be a popular one or acquire the Chillin weapon set to show how cool you can be in the middle of battle. These skins offer more unique ways to show what kind of soldier you really are and are sure to make you stand out in the battlefield. All Series 2 cards are available to everyone and are craftable using scrap.

Season pass owners new and old will be receiving the Series 2 Airdrop that is loaded 20 gears packs that have 60 random cards that will give you a head start on your collection of new content. The airdrop will be awarded to season pass holders January 13th. In addition to the airdrop, season pass owners will now be able to log in every Friday and be awarded a bonus bounty gear pack! That’s pretty killer! (See what I did there?)

Two fan favorite maps return to gears multiplayer as Blood Drive and Clocktower are now available. Blood Drive was a center focused map that spawned your team at the top a flight of stairs and head to the city streets to take control of the longshot or overkill to see who the better team really is. Clocktower, a personal favorite of mine, brings back memories of the first Gears Of War that I know an love. Its a close quarters map that is sure to bring intense one on one battles up top and lancer heavy fire down in the streets.

Quit penalties are now enforced for the first time in GOW4. You will have matchmaking timeout if you leave the game early, but there is a Join In Progress feature now so if you were kicked from the game for whatever reason, you can rejoin the match with no penalty. Spectator mode has improved now so that the action is kept front and center. Series 2 seems to deliver but you can never truly know until you play it yourself! Tell us what you think!