Bungie Launches Age Of Triumph Trailer. Shows Off New Armor And Old Weapons.

The final update for Destiny goes live on March 28, and includes all sorts of things to earn just for replaying all the raids. It also includes the largest Record Book to date, the new Daybreak Nightfall modifier, and more.

Players will complete new and old quests and replay story missions in heroic mode on a weekly playlist, earn emblems, participate in raids with challenge modes, earn new gear and adept raid weapons. There are 16 of the latter which can be earned when completing challenges in the featured raids. All of the raids now include a 390 light heroic mode, and Vault of Glass and Crota’s End have been enhanced with new boss challenges. A weekly featured raid has been added and will activate all challenges for the selected raid and provide the best rewards.

Raids now offer max level gear and new ornaments and once the weekly featured raid is completed, players will earn mastery tokens for raid ornaments. Blue flames also return for who completed the weekly Nightfall strike. Players will also earn, or can buy, the new treasure of ages loot box which contains either new items or every Eververse item to date. The boxes will also contain the new Age of Triumph armor and new shaders, and new weapon ornaments.

Hopefully, all of this will hold you over until Destiny 2 arrives, reportedly on September 8. Nothing as been confirmed by Bungie on that end obviously, but it hasn’t officially denied the contents of the rumored leak from this morning. Here is the image of the possible advertisement poster.





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