Wildlands Overtakes Horizon Zero Dawn For Fastest Selling Game Of 2017

In all honesty, this comes as quite a shocker to me. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is now the fastest selling game of 2017 so far.

The only reason I’m surprised by this is because the last Tom Clancy game, The Division, was ridiculed so much after launch that I was shocked people were not more hesitant to purchase a new TC game. But to my surprise, Ghost Recon has had the biggest first week of any other game this year, and becomes the second fastest-selling Tom Clancy game ever, after The Division.

Not that Wildlands is a bad game, but considering some of the titles that have been released in the last few months it’s ironic that the one with the least rapturous critical reception should be the biggest seller. However, most of the big titles so far this year have been format exclusives while Wildlands is on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Horizon Zero Dawn only held the record of fastest-selling launch title for a single week, although it dropped only as far as number two in the all formats chart.The biggest new entry of the week was the console release of Lego Worlds, which unlike the normal Lego titles is more of a Minecraft style affair.

For once there are no major retail releases this week and that probably means Wildlands will keep its number one spot until the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda the week after.


Author: slayer1223

Clevelander born to love bad sports teams, play heavy metal, eat greasy food and always beat the game on the hardest difficulty first

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