Is It Time For A New Wolverine Game?

With the release of Logan last Friday, it’s not hard to think of the other Wolverine movies like The Wolverine and Wolverine: Origins. Although Origins was a complete bomb among fans and critics alike, there was one good thing to come out of the terrible film.

Back in 2009, Activision with the Wolverine: Origins video game that was loosely based on the film. The game did relativity well and generated a positive buzz with fans of the movie (all 7 of them) and gamers alike. It went through Logan’s past experiences from his Team X missions up until before he was found by Professor Xavier and the X-Men.

Throughout the game, you learn more of the back story of the man, the mutant, the legend. Fighting enemies like Wendigo, Omega Red, Deadpool, The Blob and other Marvel foes of Logan that he has been fighting for years in the comics. It’s a button mashing, hack and slash fan boy’s dream game that comes with the blood and gore everyone loves.

It’s been eight years since that came out and the lack of X-Men games since then is a bit off putting. Sure, video games haven’t really been Marvel’s cream of the crop, but if there was any time to strike with a new Wolverine game, the time is now, my friends.

The hype from the new movie is real and has weight behind it for being the last portrayal of the character performed by Hugh Jackman as well as the last time (we think) we see Patrick Stewart as the beloved Charles Xavier. There have been talks of both characters making one last appearance as their characters in Deadpool 2, but as of right now, it’s only a rumor.

Now I’m not saying that you only have to play as old man Logan for the entirety of the whole game, but similar to the Origins game, flash back to iconic comic battles with Sabertooth, HulkLady Deathstrike, Magneto, Bloodscream, ect. Those are some very intense and action packed stories I feel the fans of the character would love to see and be a part of as they take control of the berserker.

I know it’s a long shot with Marvel focusing on their new  Avengers Project, but a man could dream.


Author: slayer1223

Clevelander born to love bad sports teams, play heavy metal, eat greasy food and always beat the game on the hardest difficulty first

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