Nintendo Switch Users Are Having Some Issues

No console launch has ever gone completely to plan. The same is being said for the newest Nintendo console out on the market: The Switch.

People are already reporting lousy range for WiFi. Others have noticed loud fan noises. Others have had games crash out of nowhere or freeze up while playing. These are all normal things to go wrong with the first releases of a console, but there have been a few complaints through Twitter and other social media sites that are a bit more worrisome than the others.

  • Joy-Cons disconnecting

Reported widely by reviewers prior to the console’s launch, many players have found that the left Joy-Con controller seems to randomly disconnect while playing in docked mode. Trouble syncing seems to be made worse by interference possibly from other electronic devices, or even physical items blocking the controller from the console. Even aquariums seem to cause problems with the left Joy-Con.

  • Adhesive skins ruin surface

Adhesive skins are pulling the paint right off of the console and Joy-Con controllers. DBrand, one companies that makes adhesive skins got out in front of this news and put up a warning on Twitter about the skins.

  • Saved-game data is locked to the console

Save game data is tied to the console itself and can’t be transferred to a MicroSD card. Games and screenshots can, but save data is stuck on the system itself. This means that if you have twenty hours put into Zelda and then your console crashes, there’s no way to retrieve your saved game.

  • Orange and blue screens of death

Many consumers are reporting orange screens of death that require a hard reset to fix. Fortunately, a hard reset worked. At least one Switch owner has reported a blue screen of death, however, which wasn’t fixed with a hard reset. Thankfully that problem seems incredibly rare. Other users are reporting flickering screens and black and white screens.

  • The screen can scratch when you take it out of the dock

Speaking of screen issues, some owners are reporting scratches on the tablet’s screen just from taking it out of the dock. Buy screen protectors ASAP if you want to avoid ugly scarring on your Switch screen.

  • Dead pixels aren’t much fun

Dead pixels in the Switch screen are staring to become common. Not much can be done about this save getting a replacement. The most bizarre part about this particular issue has been Nintendo’s response. Here’s what they say on their support page:

“Small numbers of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens. These are normal and should not be considered a defect.”

Uhhh… WHAT!? If you buy a product and pay good money for it, don’t accept anything less than a fully functioning system. Return your Switch for a replacement if you have dead pixels and let Nintendo know that this isn’t an acceptable way to treat consumers.



Author: slayer1223

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