Enough Of The Games! Let’s Talk Nintendo Switch Accessories!

Happy launch day to the Nintendo Switch. There’s no doubt that all of them are sold out by now but that doesn’t mean you can’t gear up before you get your hands on the console. Here’s some of the best available accessories availablethat could still cure your Nintendo itch of the Switch. (See what I did there!?)

A Second Pair Of Joy-Con Controllers


Yes, you so already recieve two of these in the box, but come on, you’re going to want more ! While you can hand one Joy-Con to a friend for multiplayer action, having two will make a huge difference to your experience, and this means you can even bring in two more friends for some four-player action.

Pro Controller


Not going to be on the move with your switch a lot? Then you’ll eventually want to grab Nintendo’s pro controller. The Joy-Cons are great on the side of your screen when you’re playing on the sofa, but pop your games on the TV screen and chances are you’re going to want a more solid gamepad. Solid and with an inset right thumb stick for comfort, these “sticks” are an excellent addition to your accessory line up for when the Joy-Con grip just won’t cut it. Very similar to the Xbox One controller.

Joy-Con Charge Grip


The Joy-Con Grip in the box doesn’t charge your controllers. For that you’ll need the Charging Grip so you can charge your pads while you play. It’s definitely worth the price to make sure the Joy-Cons are ready to slide onto the Switch screen and head out the door with you.

Screen Protector For Your Tablet


If you’re looking for some added insurance to help keep your screen as crisp as the day you got it, pick up a screen protector. They’re cheap, easy to apply, and will keep your Switch looking nice no matter how often you slide your fingers across it. Just take your time applying it and you’ll be bubble and scratch free.

Portable Charger


The Switch gets anywhere from 2.5 to six hours of battery life. So there’s a good chance that it’ll run out of charge unless you’re hauling some kind of portable battery pack. You have to make sure you get the right one though. If you pick up anything with an output lower than 5V 3A, your Switch will continue to lose charge even if it’s plugged in. This will definitely be slower than plugging your handheld into a wall or dock, but if you’ve got no other alternatives, this is plan B.

Carrying Case


The Switch is labeled as a portable device, but it’s also much more fragile compared to the the 3DS, so there’s a good chance you’re going to want to buy a case to protect everything. Throw your system in one, zip it up, stash it in a bag or carry it with you, and you’re set.


Author: slayer1223

Clevelander born to love bad sports teams, play heavy metal, eat greasy food and always beat the game on the hardest difficulty first

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