Destiny 2 Will Be Full Reset

This won’t make the dedicated Destiny community that grinded on Mars for Relic Iron for 4 hours a day in year one mad at all… SURPRISE! SARCASM!

Destiny developer Bungie has officially announced that the decision has been made: Destiny 2 will in fact be a full reset. This means pretty much everything will be locked into the original Destiny, including Light level, possessions, and Eververse-related items and currency. Oh boy.

The only thing that will carry over into Destiny 2 are the character personalizations that fans have created for the original game. That specifically means the class, race, gender, face, hair, and marking selections for all characters will carry over. This will only occur as long as that character has hit Level 20 and completed the original campaign’s last Black Garden story mission.

Veterans who have collected a Vault full of their favorite weapons and gear will have to leave them behind when it comes to Destiny 2, Bungie says it plans to award the accounts of veteran players “with honors that reflect their Destiny 1 accomplishments.” Bungie told fans that this decision is for the best.

The game is being kept tightly under wraps so far, but Activision has said the game features a cinematic story with a memorable cast of characters. Plus, it is “still on track”, according to Activision, for a release by the end of this year. Before that full release, Bungie also announced that one more content update, Age of Triumph, will come to Destiny. The developer will reveal more during the month of March, with Age of Triumph launching in late March.


Author: slayer1223

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