Destiny 2 Will Be Out In 2017 According To Activision.

Yesterday, Activision stated that Destiny 2 is “going great,” and that the game will have a “cinematic story and relatable characters,” as well as being accessible to new players.

Bungie and Activision have come under scrutiny from its fans for the past couple of years due to the lack of content and story depth. Although the game has done relatively well since it’s release in 2014, the micro transactions and reselling of the game with all the DLC on the game, allowing players that just purchased the game to catch up to gamers that have been grinding since day one, have made the community look towards other games.

The weapon balance and PvP servers also have been criticized as Bungie would nerf and boost weapon damage to the point where the inconsistencies in matches were almost unbearable.

If Bungie does miss the fall 2017 release window, there will be consequences.

“If Bungie misses this year for Destiny 2, Activision is awarded a hefty chunk of the independent studio’s stock, according to two sources familiar with goings-on at Bungie,” he said. “Bungie employees’ stock vesting schedule is also based on game releases, includingDestiny 2, which gives them major incentives to get the sequel out this year.”

The exact terms of Bungie’s arrangement with Activision are not crystal clear , but it seems like, at the very least, it’s obvious that Bungie is responsible for putting out one piece of truly substantive Destiny content every fall, if not a full game. It seems like Activision is putting the hammer down and making it clear that Destiny 2 cannot be delayed any further that it already is, or else it starts hurting Bungie and its employees.

It seem like Activision might be pushing Bungie a bit too hard here. You don’t want another, what many were led to believe, rushed Destiny product. Are you worried about the push?



Author: slayer1223

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