Nioh Comes Out Today On PS4 And The Reviews Are Already In

The Japanese action-RPG Nioh finally came out today for the PS4.

Early reviews and looks at the game from game play videos have gotten critics saying that it looks similar to Bloodborne or Dark Souls, but the early community says Nioh is it’s own game. It may borrow a few similar structures from those games, but the story gives it a “lighter” feeling to the game while still bringing a fast-paced combat-style and a deep system of loot and moves.

Some of the big names in the gaming community are saying about the new release:

Jimquisition: When you mix in gorgeous looking artwork, as well as console graphic options that allow for adjustable framerate, you’ve got a game that really does go all out. This is backed up by terrific music, sound effects, and immersively diverse voice acting that crosses linguistic lines.

Nioh got attention for its similarities to other titles, but it deserves to be remembered as its own special game, one that sees and raises the efforts presented by its inspirations. With fast and uncompromising combat, an engrossing economy of loot, and a mesmerizing artistic style, action-RPGs have rarely been this refined or this captivating.

IGN: Nioh could well take over 100 hours if you set out to master its many side missions on top of its tough campaign, but it’s a challenge well worth taking. The way it builds on its most obvious inspirations with a highly refined combat system and an unexpectedly charming, yet gritty style all its own allows it to boldly carve out its own identity, standing as a shining example of what action RPGs can be.

Destructoid: With its emphasis on challenging combat and light storytelling elements that are at times bordering on parody (in a good way), Nioh feels like a true successor to the Ninja Gaiden series and fills a nice void that Souls left behind. Did Team Ninja ever leave? Whatever the case might be, it’s back. Nioh is Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja taking a more measured approach to what they do best, and is a surprisingly feature-heavy and battle-focused heir to the Soulsborne method. But it ultimately stands on its own, and is a worthy addition to any Action RPG library.

Will you be picking up Nioh?


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