Morrowind Returns In ESO DLC

Have you found yourself wishing you were back to the island of Vvardenfell? Well wish no more, my friends because The Elder Scrolls Online is taking you back to 2002 with the Morrowind expansion.

The expansion will be $39.99 if you already have the base game, and $59.99 for all existing Elder Scrolls Online content, and the DLC. According to the announcement from Bethesda,  Morrowind will include over 30 hours of new story content, access to an all-new area, Vvardenfell, a three-team PVP mode, as well as a new class called the Warden.

We don’t know too much about the  Warden class yet except that it uses nature-based magic and is capable of controlling a bear (how cool is that?) along with a variety of other animals. The War Bear is the Warden’s Ultimate, and will fight by your side until it dies. Players will be able to beef up and heal the bear.

Vvardenfell is the largest zone in TESO to date, and was taken directly from The Elder Scrolls III so it’s a mirror image of the original. Players will be visiting familiar locations such as Balmora and Vivec City which is still under construction in the expansion. We do know that in Vivec, the god seems to be losing power and the player is asked to help.

Bethesda will also be offering a digital collector’s edition for $79.99, and a physical collector’s edition for $99.99. The physical version features 12-inch Dwarven Colossus statue, 176-page book, a map of Morrowind, and a metal case.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind launches on PC, PS4, Xbox One June 6.


Author: slayer1223

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