For Honor Beta Is Now Live.

The For Honor closed beta is officially live worldwide for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Emails when out to anyone who received a beta key saying that the For Honor beta will start at 3pm CET / 2pm GMT / 6am PST today, January 26, ending in the early hours of Jan 30. Here’s the full details for each major time zone:

  • 2pm GMT, Jan 26 – 1am GMT, Jan 30
  • 3pm CET, Jan 26 – 2am CET, Jan 30
  • 9am EST, Jan 26 – 8pm EST, Jan 29
  • 6am PST, Jan 26 – 5pm PST, Jan 29
  • 1am AEDT, Jan 27 – 12pm AEDT, Jan 30

Basically, you’ve got Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enjoy it in whatever time zone you’re in.

Here’s what you’ll get to play in the beta:

  • Three game modes:
    • Dominion – 4vs4 and the main game mode of For Honor.
    • Brawl – 2vs2, a quicker, more fight-orientated mode.
    • Duel – 1vs1 in a tiny arena which is as deadly as your opponents.
  • Six maps:
    • As far as we can tell, these are split across the game modes.
    • For example, there is at least one duel map, a couple of dominion ones, etc, not six maps playable in every mode.
  • Nine heroes:
    1. These are evenly split across the three factions, fulfilling streotypes for each.
    2. Samurai:
      • Orochi – Defensively minded and prime for counter-attacking.
      • Kensei – Long-ranged (for a man with a sword) and adaptable to fighting different kinds of opponents.
      • Nobushi – The longest attack range in the game on the end of a large polearm offers great zone control.
    3. Vikings:
      • Raider – They’ve got a massive two-handed axe and like to disarm people with it. Do huge damage.
      • Berserker – Dual-wielded hand axes make for a quick fighting style.
      • Warlord – Short range and wielding a shield, Warlords are as defensive as Vikings get.
    4. Knights:
      • Conqueror – With a shield and mace, able to hold a great defensive position.
      • Warden – Subscribe to the ‘hit them with a big sword’ style of thinking, making them adaptable but unspecialised.
  • Peacekeeper – Quick, assasin-style characters with two swords.

Good luck to anyone enjoying the beta and good luck to anyone trying to get access!


Author: slayer1223

Clevelander born to love bad sports teams, play heavy metal, eat greasy food and always beat the game on the hardest difficulty first

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