Crafting, melee weapons introduced in ME: Andromeda

During December’s Game Awards, Mass Effect: Andromeda showed that the game will now include crafting.

Lead designer for Biowares baby Ian Frazier has tweeted that suggested crafting will allow players to build their own krogan-style hammers, which can be named “GRABTHAR’S HAMMER”, should they desire. The possibilities are “endless”, as you can design anything from an assault rifle and a sniper.

Melee weapons have only ever appeared in Mass Effect’s multiplayer component previously, besides the omni-blade, but now melee weapons will be featured in Andromeda’s single-player campaign. Players will start with an upgradable omni-blade, but will also harness a dedicated melee weapon slot.

The game is set to release March 21st, 2017



Author: slayer1223

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